Governor Kamil helps to promote Braga artists’ artwork through NFT


West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil used the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to help market the creative work of Bandung painters, resulting in the artworks being sold through the OpenSea platform for 0.09 ETH, or Rp4.2 million.

“Alhamdulillah (Thank God), our ‘experiment’ was successful. The Braga Street painter’s artwork in Bandung was sold at Rp4.2 million, or 0.09 ETH, in NTF’s stock through @opensea platform, which was eight times the usual price of Rp500 thousand,” Kamil announced on his Instagram account on Friday.

The governor has also been perfecting the plan to create an account on the NFT platform to help sell artists’ digital artworks collectively to increase the added value.

“In 2022, the West Java provincial government (plans to) open a special account for creative economy players to sell their art and multiply their economic value. This is the new world, a new way to increase the Indonesians’ welfare. Let us move forward (Hijrah) and adapt,” Kamil remarked.

Earlier, Kamil had created an account on OpenSea and uploaded some of his own artworks for sale as an experiment. He also invited Solihin, an artist based on Braga Street in Bandung, to digitalize his works.

“This is (a new form) of the economy. I produce creative work, such as paintings, and upload them on NFT. My children also do that because their generation understands and becomes the future ecosystem,” he explained.

The governor also pledged his support to artists by helping them to sell their artworks on the government’s NFT account.

“I will provide guidance on how to create an account on the stock, and (the government) will coordinate on it, so they do not have to register and pay,” Kamil added.

Through NFT, the authenticity of digital artworks and other types of collectibles can be verified and easily traded via blockchain, he explained.

Speaking in connection with the regulation of NFT, Kamil is optimistic that the government would issue guidance as new potential of the digital economy emerges.

Source: Antara News