Governor Appreciates Janitor’s Performance

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan appreciates janitor’s performance who have worked fast to clean up trash after new year’s party ended, including Monas, Central Jakarta.

“I came here to see them and convey my gratitude. Let us appreciate their hard work as janitor who always do their best to maintain Jakarta clean and neat,” he expressed after monitoring Monas area, Tuesday (1/1).

He explained, janitors have collected 45 tons of waste from Monas and finished cleaning at 4.42 AM.

“We sprayed the Monas area this morning. We deployed three fire trucks for this purpose,” stated Anies who also sprayed the road along with another personnel.

He wants residents to increase their awareness of cleanliness in their surrounding, including to get used to throw trash in its place.

“Public awareness on cleanliness is very important. It really helps our personnel in doing their job to maintain cleanliness. Hopefully, Jakarta will remain clean and neat,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta