Government to refine mass organization law: Attorney General

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian government is seeking efforts to improve its mass organization law with regard to dealing with organizations that run against state ideology Pancasila.

Attorney General HM Prasetyo said here on Tuesday that efforts were still being made with regard to improving the current law on mass organizations.

“Indeed, it is difficult for now to dissolve mass organizations that conduct activities that are against state ideology Pancasila,” he said after dedicating the new West Kalimantan high prosecutors office here.

He explained the draft is still being discussed so that when the revised law is issued later it would ease the state to take action against such organizations.

“With the current law action could only be taken against individuals or members while their organizations are immune,” he said.

Prasetyo said that his office also played a role in preventing radicalism and he has always coordinated and cooperated with other law enforcement agencies.

“Let us say that the police as well as the military recently are now in the forefront. So when there are indications of crimes being committed police investigators will act first and only afterwards they will send the dossiers to the prosecutors office,” he said.

He said several individuals are current being investigated by the police. “We are waiting for the dossiers to be submitted to us. Regarding pressures made through demonstrations his offices stance would never be shaken because the rule of law must be upheld,” he said.

He said everyone has an equal right and obligation before the law so when he/she commits a crime and the evidence as well as facts are there he/she must be processed. That is what we must do because our country is law-based country,” he said.\

Source: Antara News