Government to pay medical expenses of Novel Baswedan: President

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The government will bear the medical expenses of the Corruption Eradication Commissions (KPKs) senior investigator Novel Baswedan undergoing treatment in a Singapore-based hospital following an acid attack by two men, President Joko Widodo stated.

The head of state had received and read a letter from the KPK chairman, Johan Budi, spokesman of the president, said here, Monday.

The letter contained a request made to the government to pay the costs for medical treatment being given to Baswedan, he added.

The president has agreed to honor the request by channeling the funds allocated in the presidential budget, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Baswedan will undergo a surgery next week as part of the treatment for his eyes, which were affected due to the acid attack.

“Alhamdullilah, according to the result of the last examination, the surgery will be delayed until next week,” Taufik, Baswedans brother, stated in a short message received by ANTARA, Monday.

On Apr 11, after performing a fajr prayer at a mosque near his house, Baswedan was attacked by two suspects on a motorbike who hurled acid on him.

Baswedan is now being treated in a hospital in Singapore for injuries on his face, particularly the left eye.

According to the latest medical evaluation, the cell destruction process has stopped although his tissues are slowly growing. The pressure in both his eyes has generally improved, although the pressure in the left eye is still higher.

“The plan to conduct surgery is delayed, as we are looking for an improvement during this week,” Taufik said.

The attack on Baswedan is considered as an attempt to terrorize and weaken the KPK.

Baswedan is currently handling a mega corruption case concerning the electronic identity card project that has allegedly caused state losses worth around Rp2.3 trillion and involves several political elites.

Source: Antara News