Government to go all out to make tax amnesty program a success

The Indonesian government is serious in its efforts to ensure that the tax amnesty program turns out to be a success, President Joko Widodo remarked.

“Indonesia will go all out to implement the tax amnesty policy. The policy is in the interest of the country and there is no other purpose,” Joko Widodo said here on Monday.

The president will supervise the program to assure the taxpayers who choose to participate in the scheme.

“I have established a task force to give guarantee to the taxpayers,” the president remarked.

“We have the momentum going right now. The policy is finding political support. In addition, in 2018, interbank information will come to be disclosed. The information exchange between countries will also be opened,” the president stated.

With such momentum, the president noted, no one would be able to hide his wealth.

Director General of Taxation Ken Dwijugiasteadi had earlier stated that the Finance Ministrys Directorate General of Taxation would not undertake law enforcement related to the implementation of tax amnesty.

“The Directorate General of Taxation will stop all investigation processes related to tax crimes to support the tax amnesty program,” Director General of Taxation Ken Dwijugiasteadi stated at an event to spread awareness on the tax amnesty program at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Aug 1.

The Directorate General of Taxation has prepared the regulation to stop all investigation processes related to tax crimes.

According to Article 2 of the Tax Amnesty Law, the tax amnesty should be offered under the principles of legal certainty, fairness, expediency and national interest.

Article 3, Paragraph (3) of the Tax Amnesty Law also stipulates that taxpayers may request for amnesty except if they are being investigated and their investigation file has been completed or they are currently liable to paying a criminal penalty in the taxation area.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati also said she will stop all investigation processes related to tax crimes to support the policy.

“We will stop all investigations into tax crimes,” she affirmed.

Taxpayers fear investigation of criminal offenses in the area of taxation.

“The taxation authorities will not apply pressure and will not intimidate taxpayers,” the minister emphasized.

Source: Antara News