Government to build 60 suspension bridges in 2017

Temanggung, C. Java (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian government would build some 60 small suspension bridges in 2017 to facilitate local residents and to expedite logistic distribution, President Joko Widodo said here on Saturday.

The president made the statement after the inaugurating the Galeh River suspension bridge in Bulu, Temanggung district of Central Java.

The plan has reflected the governments commitment to develop infrastructure equally in all regions throughout the country, he stated.

“I have inaugurated big bridges, but such small bridges are also important for infrastructure. With this suspension bridge, there will be acceleration of logistic distribution, mobility of goods, and transportation of people,” Jokowi noted.

Despite its small size, suspension bridges would bring huge benefit for goods and people movement, as well as commodity, to improve its cost and time efficiency, he added.

“Suspension bridge is needed, especially between villages and sub districts. Without the bridge, residents would have to take longer routes, and this will be costly,” he remarked.

Another reason for the government to build more suspension bridges is the countrys topographic condition.

Since 2015, the government has begun to build 10 suspension bridges in Banten and four others in Magelang, Central Java.

Papua and Sulawesi are regions that need suspension bridges mostly.

Jokowi said that the 90-meter-long Galeh River bridge would be beneficial to local residents, especially school children.

“It would be dangerous for children to cross this river or to transport commodities. When the river overflows, they will have to take a very long route,” he remarked.

The budget to construct a bridge is expected to range between Rp3 billion to Rp6 billion.

“I have told the Minister of Public Work to give priority to the development of such bridges,” he asserted, saying that this year the government would build some 60 suspension bridges.

The bridge could be crossed by people, bicycles, and motorbikes. “Motorbike is important to transport tobacco, oil palm, cabbage, and chili,” Jokowi explained.

Source: Antara News