Government regrets violent acts against activist Ade Armando

The government announced it regrets the ill-treatment against social media activist and University of Indonesia lecturer Ade Armando during a rally in front of the House of Representatives building on Monday (April 11).

The remorseful statement was conveyed by Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD on the ministry’s YouTube account, as observed here on Tuesday.

“I, on behalf of the Government, regret what happened to Armando at the end of the protests, where there was brutal persecution,” Mahfud emphasized.

Mahfud claimed to have urged the National Police to take decisive actions against the perpetrators, regardless of the motives and political affiliations.

“(This is) because if we tolerate things like this, it will become dangerous for the sustainability of our country,” he noted.

Mahfud also coordinated with the National Police, and the culprit has been identified. Hence, he appealed for the perpetrators to turn themselves in.

“We request the perpetrators to turn themselves in. Otherwise, they will be arrested immediately. We have complete tools, both drones and CCTV from various angles, so we can identify the culprits involved in this criminal act,” he explained.

Earlier, on Monday, Armando was maltreated by an unknown group during a rally of the All Indonesia Student Executive Board (BEM SI) alliance at the Senayan Parliamentary Complex. Police officers rescued Armando from the mob that had beaten him.

Despite being successfully rescued, Armando, who gives lectures at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Indonesia, suffered head injuries for which he needed intensive care.

Armando, who was ganged upon by the protesters, was a trigger for the officers to act and disperse the crowd using water cannon and tear gas.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, April 12, the Jakarta Police caught two alleged perpetrators.

Source: Antara News

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