Golkars former lawmaker pleads guilty on graft charge

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – A former lawmaker of the Golkar faction Charles Jones Mesang pleaded guilty when he was tried here Thursday on graft charge.

Charles, a member of the Commission IX of the House of Representative for the period of 2009-2014, was charged with accepting a bribe of Rp9.75 billion.

He pleaded guilty and promised to return the money after hearing the indictment by the public prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

The KPK prosecutor Abdul Basir said Charles Jones Mesang accepted the bribe in US dollar from former Director General of Transmigration Area Development Jamaluddien Malik via another lawmaker Achmad Said Hudri.

The funds were collected by Jamaluddien Malik from regional officials of the ministry and business partners all over the country.

Among those contributing to the bribe money included Ronald Lesley, the director of PT Wilko Jaya as a good and service provider in South Sumatra, Rohadi as a goods/service provider in the regency of Halmahera Tengah, Halmahera Timur, and Tidore Kepulauan; Yohanis Elo Kaka , the director of Surya Mekar Raya, as the goods/service provider in the regency of Sumba Timur, M Yasin, who was head of the manpower and population mobilization office for the regency of Aceh Timur and a number of related other regional officials all over the country.

The funds were to bribe Charles into approving request of the Directorate general of Transmigration Area Development for additional budget to be distributed to a number of regions such as province of South Sumatra , the city of Tidore Kepulauan, regencies of Halmahera Tengah, Halmahera Timur, Banyuasin, Sumba Timur, Aceh TImur, Bellu, Rote Ndao, Mamuju, Takalar, Sigi, Tojo Una Una, Kayong Utara, Toraja Utara, Konawe and Teluk Wondama.

If found guilty Charles is facing a jail term of at least 4 years or up to 20 years with a fine of up to Rp1 billion.

Charles pleaded guilty and promised to return the money and appealed for justice.

Jamaluddien Malik was already sentenced to 6 years imprisonment with a fine of Rp200 million and a payment of Rp5.417 billion in compensation to the state .

Source: Antara News