Global Industry Trusts Indonesia

MINISTER OF INDUSTRY Airlangga Hartarto stressed that in general global scale industry players feel confident to continue investing in Indonesia because of the conducive business climate.

“From this 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) forum, we hope that the world economy has more certainty so that growth can be even higher,” Airlangga said through his statement in Jakarta, last weekend.

For Indonesia, he continued, higher economic growth would increase employment and investment. Airlangga conveyed this as a result of meetings with global scale industry players at the WEF 2019 event.

In addition to visiting the Stadler Rail Group headquarters, in the series of WEF Annual Meeting agenda in Davos, Switzerland, this week the Minister of Industry also met a number of leaders of international companies such as CEO of GE Gas Power Scott Strazik.

“From GE, they report being involved in the construction of a power plant in Java, whose development will be close to three gigawatts (Gw). They certainly appreciate the policies taken by the Indonesian government at this time,” he was quoted as saying by Antara.

The Minister of Industry also met with the pharmaceutical company Abbott. According to him, Abbott gives attention to the existence of policies regarding local content and halal certification.They, added the Minister of Industry, will adjust the application of the regulation.

“As a pharmaceutical company, basically it really follows regulations. They hope that they will be given enough time to implement the regulations,” said the Minister of Industry.

Slowly but surely the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Thomas Trikasih Lembong, who was also present at Davos, also helped ensure Indonesia’s economic prospects were glorious to the participants.

In a written statement in Jakarta, yesterday, Thomas called Indonesia’s economic growth solid with a slow but sure parable and predicted to multiply every 14 years.

“In 2017, Indonesia’s economy grew 5.07% and reached US $ 1 trillion, reaching a new milestone to join the ‘Trillion-Dollar-Club’, which can only be achieved by 16 countries. This is one of the nation’s historic economic moments. “He said.

According to Thomas, as new markets emerge, Indonesia is still vulnerable to a shift in sentiment among international investors. “However, at the moment, with the US trade war with China, it can make Indonesia more attractive to investors,” he explained.

In addition, Thomas said that the slowdown in the world economy had a good effect because it could open up space to reduce risks and pressures in the capital market.

In addition to participating in the series of WEF activities, Thomas held meetings with a number of companies in the fields of information technology, energy, tourism, logistics, financial services, pharmaceutical industry, waste processing, e-commerce, and airport services to discuss more convincing investment interests and trends in Indonesia. . (E-2)

Source: Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia