Get Your Family to Learn Betawi Batik Art in Setu Babakan

The Betawi cultural neighborhood Setu Babakan in Jagakarasa, South Jakarta has special zones for visitors to know Betawi cultures. One of them is an exhibition room and Betawi batik-making workshop, which is in Zone B.

Putri (22), a citizen of Kebayoran Lama stated that he came to see the process of making hand-drawn Betawi batik.

“This is interesting, we can see hundreds of batik collections and its making process. I happen to want to find batik clothes here,” she told, Monday (3/18).

Another visitor, Raqif (22), a citizen of Tanjung Priok told that batik activities have a very full value when photographed.

“I’m here for hunting human-interest activities photo. This is very interesting and it has the high relation to cultural preservation,” he told.

Setu Babakan Betawi Batik Studio Head, Syabikun Arief uttered that most visitors are young people until adults. They can practice making batik and see the coloring and drying of batik cloth.

“Our batik motifs are tapak dara (unity), ondel-ondel, and dancer. Talk about its color, we use natural and chemical,” he added.

Source: Berita Jakarta