Gernas BBI’s four strategies support economic recovery: trade ministry


The Ministry of Trade highlighted four strategies of the Proud of Indonesian Products National Movement (Gernas BBI) in supporting the national economic recovery.

“To support Gernas BBI, the Ministry of Trade has four strategies, firstly, by strengthening the regulations to ensure (supporting) the business sector for MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises),” the ministry’s secretary-general, Suhanto, noted while opening the “Economic Recovery Through Gernas BBI” forum held by the Public Relations Coordinating Board (Bakohumas) in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands.

According to Suhanto, the second strategy aims to facilitate MSMEs, with the goal of increasing their managerial and production capabilities.

Under the third strategy, he said the objective is to increase domestic and global market access to local products. The ministry’s last strategy aims to educate the public to be proud of Indonesian products and goods through the Gernas BBI campaign, Suhanto stated.

Some of the main targets of Gernas BBI include increasing the number of MSMEs/SMEs as well as creative economy players to participate in the digital ecosystem; increasing the number of transactions of local products; bolstering the people’s purchasing power, market expansion, access to capital, training, and data collection; and finally, working towards accelerating local economic cycles through local product shopping, according to Suhanto.

Suhanto emphasized that the Ministry of Trade will continue running programs that can support trade efficiency through cooperation with various parties, be it the central government, local governments, communities, and other relevant stakeholders, such as business actors and associations.

In addition, the ministry consistently provides information and opens access to overseas market penetration through trade representatives abroad.

“To increase productivity, the government seeks to develop the digital ecosystem. The number of MSMEs that enter e-commerce and marketplaces continues to grow. (In this case,) Gernas BBI has been able to accelerate efforts to enable MSMEs to join the digital ecosystem,” he stated.

Source: Antara News