Gerindra Party to stay in opposition in government, parliament

Arabic Internal Affairs

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) will stay in opposition in the government and parliament, as it seeks to apply the checks and balances principle for a proper democratic system, Gerindra’s Advisory Board member Muhammad Syafi’i remarked.

“There should be opposition, and Gerindra had showed this stance, as an opposition party, since the start,” Syafi’i stated at the Senayan Parliamentary Complex in Jakarta on Monday.

To this end, the party will decline any offer to be a part of the government, including the ministerial position, he confirmed.

However, clarity had yet to be gained on whether the party will remain an “enemy” of the government and oppose all the policies it made or did not.

“If there are any good policies, why would we oppose those? A good opposition party should be able to practice the principle of checks and balances to ensure good governance,” Syafi’i stated.

Source: Antara News