Garut DPRD Learns Jakarta DPRD’s Code of Ethics and Order

Jakarta Council (DPRD) welcomed Garut Regency DPRD, West Java for its work visit.

This work visit was done to learn about Jakarta DPRD’s code of ethics and order.

Garut DPRD Honorary Board Member, Cucu Rodiyah explained, code of ethics and order in Garut DPRD is still referring to Government Regulation (PP) No. 12/2018 about Guidelines for Arranging Council (DPRD)’s Order in Provincial, Regency and City.

“We have heard that its implementation in Jakarta is separated because there is DPRD order,” he said at DPRD Building, Wednesday (1/30).

Thus, his side forms special committee (Pansus) to discuss about DPRD’s code of ethics and order. This Pansus is formed to strengthen DPRD Honorary Board as as one of the board’s fittings.

“We want to improve Garut DPRD Honorary Board’s institutional,” he said.

Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairman, Mohammad Taufik mentioned, Jakarta DPRD has implement DPRD’s code of ethics and order systematically and it should be fulfilled by all members and chairmen.

“Everything has been well maintained and is connected with the other council fittings,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta