Frozen meats from india to enter North Sulawesis market

Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – North Sulawesis State Logistic Office has urged the authority in Jakarta to supply frozen meats imported from India to the provinces market ahead of the Eid holiday 2018.

“This is the headquarters policy to offer options to the people ahead of Eid,” Head of North Sulawesis State Logistic Office Eko Pranoto noted here on Monday.

For the first phase, the logistic office plans to distribute six tons of Indian meats priced at Rp80 thousand, or around US$6 per kilogram.

The imported meats will be stocked as a precautionary measure to handle higher demand during Ramadan, particularly in the last three days before Eid, according to Head of North Sulawesis Trade Office Jenny Karouw.

Karouw remarked that based on previous years, the demand would increase up to 100 percent compared to the normal sales.

For instance, Karouw noted that eight to 13 cows were butchered daily at the local farmer market Bersehati Manado, while during Eid season last year, the number increased to 46 cows per day.

“We need to take precautionary measure to handle this matter, and we will continue to work with related offices,” she noted.

The Trade Office has also supported the State Logistic Office to supply frozen meats from Java.

At present, meats are sold at Rp115 thousand, or around $8 per kilogram, according to North Sulawesis Trade Center.

Source: ANTARA News