Friday Tour of IPB in Kelurahan Balumbang Jaya

Team of Friday Tour of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) arrived in Kampung Batuhulung RT.2/2, Kelurahan Balumbang Jaya, West Bogor Sub-district, Friday (19/8). Tens of residents warmly welcomed the Team of Friday Tour led by the Secretary of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of IPB, Dr. Agus Oman Sudrajat.

Chairman of RW. 2, Yayat, said that his party warmly welcomed the arrival of the group of the Team of Friday Tour of IPB. “We are very interested in the waste bank program, therefore please give the direction and the guidance of IPB,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head Section of Public Welfare (Kemas), Kelurahan Balumbang Jaya, Latif, expressed the gratitude to IPB which had developed and helped the residents of Kelurahan Balumbang Jaya. “All of these are the form of concerns of IPB as the agricultural university which has always been the partner for residents around the campus,” he explained.

The chairman of the group of the team of Friday Tour of IPB, Dr. Agus Oman Sudrajat, said the Friday Tour of IPB was one form of the relationship between IPB with the residents around the campus. Through this Friday Tour, it was expected that the residents could feel the presence of IPB.

“Forward expectations of IPB can provide the scholarships for orphans around the campus who excel in the education, then they can go to university and study in IPB. We invite the children around the campus that have the achievement to study in IPB. The most important thing is that there is a will. Show me a good learning achievement, IPB will wait,” he said.

In this activity, it was held the socialization of the waste bank program by Warcito, SP, MM and the Service Center Program for Family Welfare (PPKS) by Ir. Endah Dwi Rahayu from Agrianita of IPB. The Friday Tour this time also gave the compensation to 20 orphans, the provision of the medical equipments to the Integrated Service Post (Posyandu), and the learning tools to local Educational Park for Al-Quran, ended with the provision of the free health services by the team of doctors of Dompet Dhuafa.

Source: Bogor Agricultural University