Freshmen Student of the Directorate of Diploma Program of IPB Took the Orientation Program

A total of 2,342 (two thousand three hundred fourty two) students of Directorate of Diploma Program of Institut Pertanian Bogor (DDP IPB) batch 53 joined the Masa Perkenalan Kampus Mahasiswa Baru (MPKMB Campus Orientation Program for New Student) with theme “Garda Prestatif Berjiwa Pertanian, Wujudkan Karya Cemerlang = Agricultural-spirited Prestative Guards, to achieve excellent works”, on Monday-Tuesday, 29-30 August 2016, in Campus IPB, Cilibende, Bogor.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Bahtiar Miftah, said that the serial program for the MPKMB of the DDP IPB includes: a parade of flags of areas of expertise of the Diploma Program from Cilibende Campus to Baranangsiang Campus, yells contest, socializing on campus regulations, the campus orientation and the course materials by faculty members of the DPD IPB.

“The objectives of the MPKMB Orientation Program is to introduce the education system for DDP IPB and campus life, provide insight tri dharma college and basic leadership, campus ethics, moral, intellectual, and motivate the new students to be proud of being member of the big family the Diploma Program of IPB,” said Bahtiar.

Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs of IPB, Prof. Yonny Koesmaryono, stated in his remarks that the selection process to be admitted into the Diploma Program is very tough. Out of the 14,000 (fourteen thousand) applicants, only 2,342 (two thousand three hundred forty two were admitted, either through the invitation system (Selection System by Invitation into IPB / USMI) and regular selection system with a written exam. “Students of DDP IPB who join the MPKMB should be grateful. You have managed to win the competition with a lot of applicants who wish to b admitted into the Diploma Program of IPB. Do not give up! Do not waste your time and opportunity! Be successful graduate of diploma that can improve the life of the family, community, and nation! “Stated Prof. Yonny.

The Director of Directorate of Diploma Program of Institut Pertanian Bogor, Dr. Ir. Bagus Purwanto, expressed his sincere welcome to all new students of the DDP IPB Batch 53 from various regions in Indonesia. “By joining this MPKMB you will learn the environment of our campus and hopefully will improve your learning interest. We want you to “learn to learn” – mastering competence in specific disciplines, always acquiring and creating new knowledge. We want you to learn to approach challenges with creativity – striving for betterment, taking risks, learning from failure, combining insights from different disciplines, and devising innovative solutions “said Dr. Bagus.

Another welcome address was also expressed by Vice Mayor of Bogor, Ir. Usmar Hariman who is also an Alumni IPB. Ir. Usmar urged students of the Diploma Program of IPB assist the municipal government to maintain Bogor City keep clean and in order. “I am pleased to welcome officially to Bogor to be part of Bogor family. If you encounter any difficulty please contact apparatus. Let’s keep Bogor City clean and in order. Good luck!” . (Wied)

Source: Bogor Agricultural University