French entrepreneurs interested in “Bir Bintang” beer

London (ANTARA News) – Several French businessmen are interested in Indonesian made liquor “Bir Bintang” or beer, which is new for French people.

In addition, the promotion of the Indonesian made liquor in the International Food and Beverage Festival Saveurs du Monde, at the Marseille Provence WTC on Monday, had encouraged the businessmen from Marseille to talk it over with the Indonesian businessmen.

The Economic Consul of the Indonesian consulate general in Marseille, Yonatri Rilmania, told Antara on Tuesday that the saveurs du monde event was attended by around 30 participants and were visited

by around 500 people including culinary observers.

Meanwhile, during the discussion, the speakers from Marseille (WTC, UC3AB) conveyed the importance of the role of entrepreneurs in economic development in the Marseille Provence region. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are encouraged to use the international market for their business activities.

This activity provides an opportunity for Indonesian entrepreneurs to promote Indonesian food and beverage products to southern French businessmen.

The Indonesian Consulate General in Marseille presented, among others, culinary in the form of chicken satay and spring rolls and coffee, star beer and ginger drinks. Coffee and Bintang beer were provided by Indonesian businessman Escupade and Mrs. Yati.

Exporters and importers of Marseille and surrounding areas crowded the Indonesian stand who wanted to try the food and drinks that were available. French entrepreneurs enjoy satay, star beer and coffee.

The Indonesian booth visitors get information about business opportunities, particularly in the fields of investment, trade and also interesting tourism objects in Indonesia.

On that occasion, the Consul General of Marseille met with the Country Manager of Turkish Airline to discuss the potential of flights from Marseille to Jakarta or Bali round trip.

In the meantime, the Indonesian Consulate in Marseille will hold a business match making on the Nov.29 by including the Marseille CCI and French businessmen.

Source: ANTARA News