Foreign Ministry, Supreme Court sign three international civil law agreements

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) – The Foreign Ministry and Supreme Court have signed three cooperation agreements related to international civil law as part of the efforts to improve public services.

Director General of International Law and Agreement of the Foreign Ministry Damos Dumoli Agusman and clerk of the Supreme Court Made Rawa Aryawan signed the three agreements at the Foreign Ministry here on Wednesday.

The signing of the agreements coincided with the opening of a get-together on improving public services through the development of international civil law in Indonesia.

The cooperation agreements are related to the technical procedure of providing legal aid in civil cases, foreign courts regatory request in civil cases, and standardized receipt of court documents in civil cases.

“Our courts, particularly the Supreme Court, sometimes need evidence and documents from foreign countries. Of course, our courts cannot directly communicate with foreign courts. For instance, it is unlikely for our Supreme Court to order the Supreme Court of another country to prepare a service document,” Agusman stated.

“Hence, communication between the judicial body of a sovereign country and that of another sovereign state is conducted through diplomatic means. It is through this channel that the Foreign Ministry plays its role,” he added.

Source: Antara News