Foreign investors explore investment in West Sumatra

Padang (ANTARA News) – Investors from the United States and South Korea have explored West Sumatras potential of fisheries and tourism, as an initial step to invest in that field.

“Investors from the United States are keen to invest in the fisheries sector, while those from South Korea are interested in the field of tourism,” local Department of Investment and One Stop Integrated Service Head Maswar Dedi remarked here on Friday.

Dedi explained that it was related to the local governments efforts to attract investors from various countries to invest in West Sumatra.

Since the initial process until the entrepreneurs finally decided to invest in West Sumatra took a long time, the local government must be prudent to persuade them.

Potential and other supporting data must be fully available as a basis for investors to calculate all possibilities if they plan on investing in West Sumatra.

Although the data is not yet in the form of a more comprehensive feasibility study, it is complete and can become a guideline for investors.

Data from the Office of Marine and Fisheries of West Sumatera indicated that production of catch fisheries in the province reached only 200 thousand tons from the potential of 565 thousand tons per year.

For instance, the catch potential of yellow fin tuna reaches 23,343 tons per year, but only 19.2 percent is utilized, while Big-eye tuna, 19,332 tons, with 19.2 percent utilization; and skipjack tuna or skipjack, 65 thousand tons per year.

Overall, the west coast of West Sumatra has an area of 915 thousand square kilometers spread across seven districts and cities, with a utilization rate of 26.2 percent. Hence, the potential of this field is still very likely to be developed.

As for the field of tourism, West Sumatra has vast potential in terms of the destination, culture, and culinary arts.

Source: ANTARA News