For the Sake of Excellent Services, Financial Bureau Arranges Business Process

Financial Bureau of the main office of University of Brawijaya held a working meeting on coordination and synchronization of business process, Friday (30/Sep/2016). The working meeting was held in order to increase its excellent services.

Head of Financial Bureau which recently served by Dra, Ernani Kurdiantina, MM mentioned, the working meeting is an effort to improve excellent services. With the increasing of job volume in the finance area, the staff’s services are expected remained to run properly. Therefore, a business process is made based on basic tasks and functions of financial area.

“Hopefully will produce a clear business process thus will increase services into stakeholders,” she said.

Vice Rector II Dr. Sihabudin, SH, MH in his address mentioned that financial area is a sensitive issue in an organization since becoming a foundation of an event implementation. Therefore qualified human resources are needed. There are three requirements which according to him should be owned by financial staff namely understanding accounting, information and technology processes and also having honesty.

Honesty, assessed by the former Dean of Faculty of Law, is a very important requirement. In order to support an honest financial staff, according to him, income of the financial staff also should be considered. Because although controlling the finance exit and entry, financial division is slightly hold events, unlike academics and studentship.

Source: Prasetya Online