Food supplier in detention for allegedly supporting Papua armed group

Timika, Papua (ANTARA) – The military and police in Mimika District of Papua placed in detention a person, who allegedly supported the Kali Kopi armed criminal group and had supplied food to the members.

Mimika Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner IGG Era Adhinata stated here on Wednesday that the suspect, identified as Ter Jangkup, was arrested few days ago along with his three friends, who were later released by the police on the Timika-Nabire Road of the Trans Papua Highway when they were about to deliver food to the Joni Botak-led armed group.

“Our team grew suspicious of a white car, bearing number plate PA -1629 MM, which was headed to PT PAL. We stopped the car and arrested four people,” Adhinata noted in a press conference.

Jangkup was earlier involved in the shooting of a Mobile Brigade’s patrol car and PT Freeport bus in Utikini, Tembagapura District, on March 8, 2020.

The security personnel seized the food supply planned to be delivered to the armed group and some cellular phones from where the police retrieved photographs of Jangkup and some members of the armed group.

In one of the photos, Jangkup was seen carrying an M-16 and was accompanied by Otis and Juliame, both already arrested, and DD, who was still at large.

“The photos were taken before the joint armed group, led by Lekagak Telenggen, launched a series of shootings in Tembagapura District,” Adhinata remarked.

Three other people arrested along with Jangkup were released after the police did not find any link to criminal actions.

“We received tip-offs on the Joni Botak-led armed group’s plan to seek food supply. We will attempt to cut supply to the criminal group, including of fire arms and ammunition,” he affirmed.

Adhinata noted that the Timika-Nabire route of the Trans Papua Road was frequently used to supply food and fire arms to the armed criminal group that launched their attack from the forest.

Source: Antara News