Floods submerge hundreds of houses in Indonesia

Palembang, South Sumatra, April 29 (NNNN-ANTARA) � Hundreds of homes have been flooded in Musi Banyuasin District, South Sumatra Province, following incessant heavy rains since Saturday.

Flooding affected Dawas and Tanjung Dalam villages in Keluang Sub-district, as well as Jud and Air Balui Villages in Sanga Desa Sub -district, First Inspector Eka Sapta Yanto, head of the Keluang police office, said here on Sunday.

This is the third flooding that has affected local residents. But, this time, the flood is bigger and surprising because the water flow was strong particularly in Tanjung Dalam Village, he said.

Two houses respectively in Dawas and Tanjung Dalam villages were swept away and a road connecting the two villages were cut off by the flooding.

This is the worst flooding as Biduk River, a tributary of Musi River, has spilled over its bank, besides the precipitation was very high, he remarked.

The floods did not claim any live but displaced several people. Local authorities have helped move the flood victims to higher grounds.

Keluang District Head Debby Haryanto said some 200 homes were flooded in Dawas and Tanjung Dalam Villages.

We have already reported to the district administration and disaster mitigation office. Five teams have been deployed there, he said.

Major floods were also hit several Indonesian provinces, such as Jakarta and Bengkulu.

Source: NAM News Network