Five toddlers live with HIV in Yogyakarta

Five toddlers in Yogyakarta are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus transmitted from their mothers during pregnancy, the AIDS Countermeasure Commission (KPA) of Yogyakarta said here on Thursday.

“Just like any adults infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the toddlers should also be administered antiretroviral medicine (ARV). However, the dosages for children are specified,” spokesperson and program manager of AIDS Commission of Yogyakarta, Ganis Kristia, stated here on Thursday.

Babies who are exposed to HIV since the day they were born, could live and grow normally as long as they have the ARV treatment, Kristia noted.

Data with the Commission showed that from 2004 until June 2016, there have been 819 cases of people living with HIV in Yogyakarta, 242 of them diagnosed as suffering from AIDS.

As many as 133 cases of HIV came to light in 2014, 59 cases in 2015, and 93 new cases since June 2016.

Around 52 percent of people living with HIV/AIDS are those between 20-29 years of age, Kristia disclosed.

The secretary of Yogyakartas KPA, Kaswanto, explained that the local administration of Yogyakarta has passed a Mayors regulation no.106/2016 on HIV/AIDS countermeasures.

“The HIV/AIDS countermeasures in Yogyakarta are taken through sustainable efforts starting from a campaign on health and prevention, diagnosis, medication and treatment as well as support from family and society,” Kaswanto observed.

At least 15 Regional Administration Working Unit (SKPD) are involved in the HIV/AIDS countermeasure program of Yogyakarta.

“Providing information about HIV/AIDS to the people is very important so that they can understand the issues involved and avoid virus transmission,” Kaswanto concluded.

Source: Antara News