Five Shipwrecked’s Crews Saved by Fishermen on Penjaliran Island Waters

Five shipwreck’s crews saved by Kelapa Island fishermen on Penjaliran Island waters which leads to Sebira Island, North Seribu Islands. Around 7 PM last night, fishermen found those five shipwreck ship’s crews and saved them.

” We took them to North Seribu Islands Sub-district’s Puskesmas to get treatment”

Based on the victims’ information, Kelapa Island Urban Village Head, Fadli conveyed that those people are KM Budi Berkat ship’s crew who have sailed to fish on Tulang Bawang waters, Lampung since 31 December. But in the middle of fishing, their ship was hit by a big wave and sank.

“We took them to North Seribu Islands Sub-district’s Puskesmas to get treatment,” he said, Thursday (1/3).

Meanwhile, North Seribu Islands Police Chief, Iptu Isbiyanto confirmed, shipwrecked found by Kelapa Island residents had been on the middle of the sea for two days.

Those victims are Hafis Al Asad (28), resident of Penjaringan, North Jakarta as the ship’s captain; and four ship’s crews named Jaenal (39), resident of Tegal Sari, Tegal, Central Java; Ridwan (19), resident of Duku Cubang, Central Java; Putra (18), resident of Bengkulu; and Warisin (29), resident of Demang Harja, Tegal, Central Java.

“Only 5 of 12 ship’s crews were found. We still need to find other seven victims,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta