Five old members of OJK commissioners fail in selection

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Selection Committee for new member of the board of commissioners of the Financial Service Authority (OJK) declared that five old members of the financial super body failed in the second phase of selection.

They failed to meet the qualifications and would not take part in the following selection for OJK commissioners for the 2017-2022 period, a member of the Selection Committee Darmin Nasution, who is coordinating Minister for Economy.

“Each member of the Selection Committee has own vision and view, but all in the same corridor,” Darmin said here on Wednesday night.

He denied suggestion of “like and dislike” in the process of selection, and the failure of the five members of the present board of Commissioners of the OJK was not a reflection of disappointment of the Selection Committee with the performance of the present OJK.

“The question about possible disappointment , therefore is not valid,” he said, adding the process of selection in the second phase has been strictly based on the procedure by taking into account the aspirations of the people, track record and working paper.

He admitted there had been debates among the nine members of the Selection Committee on the selection of the candidates to go to the third phase of selection, but at the end decision is made on acclamation.

“We accumulate all existing elements including from the public. We have debates but never deadlocked , and there is no dissenting opinions,” he said.

Earlier, the Selection Committee declared that 35 of 107 candidates passed the first selection to go to the second phase.

All old members of the JOK board of Commissioners for 2012-2017 took part in the selection , but only two Rahmat Waluyanto and Nurhaida are declared qualified to go to the third phase.

Rahmat Waluyanto still holds the position as chairman of Ethic Committee of OJK and Nurhaida as member and Stock Market Supervision Chief Executive.

The candidates passing the second selection phase would take part in the third phase of selection of assessment center and medical check and the result would be announced on Monday.

The Selection Committee would select 21 of the candidates to be presented to President Joko Widodo, who will named 14 of them to go through fit and proper test by the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives would select 7 of the 14 candidates to be members of the new board of Commissioners of OJK for the next five year period.

The Selection Committee said it hopes the 7 new members of Board of Commissioners would be installed on July 21, 2017, before the termination of the term of the present Board of Commissioner of OJK on July, 2017.

Former chairwoman of the Selection Committee of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Destry Damayanti denied suggestion of irregularity in the process of selection the new OJK Commissioners.

The Selection Committee has followed the right procedure, Destry said here on Tuesday.

She said the phases of selections for the OJK board of Commissioner members were similar to the phases in the selection of KPK leaders in 2015.

With the same principles in the selection phases, the Selection Committee is expected to succeed in picking up highly qualified candidates to be in charge of the countrys financial stability, she said.

“The candidates must not be affiliated to certain preference either political parties or other interest groups to prevent conflict of interest,” she said.

She said she believed the candidates had no conflict of interest as the process of selection involved Financial Transactions Analysis and Reporting Center (PPATK), KPK, the taxation directorate general and the public.

Economist from Indef Eko Listiyanto expressed appreciation for the good work of the OJK Selection Committee, but the Selection Committee needs to be more transparent to the public to prevent unnecessary prejudice.(*)

Source: Antara News