Fires burn 900 ha of shrubs forest in Lampung

East Lampung, Lampung (ANTARA News) – An area of 900 hectares of shrubs forests in Way Kambas National Park (TNWK), Lampung, had been gutted by fires from January to July 2018.

“Starting from January until today the fire from 23 hotsports has destroyed 900 hectares of forest of shrubs,” the head of TNWK Center in East Lampung, Subakir, said on Tuesday.

Subakir makes sure the wood forest area of Way Kambas was not affected

Furthermore he remarked that his side is currently intensively anticipating and minimizing the occurrence of forest and land fires (Karhutala) in Way Kambas, as it is feared that the smoke will disrupt before and during the implementation of the 2018 Asian Games.

Efforts have already been made, as his side prevents the fires from spreading to other areas with the assistance of the police, military and community.

Subakir further explained that the actions of the team to patrol the area of the fires during the ongoing efforts taken to put the fire off during the fires and to prevent the burning action by people who are not responsible.

Like the patrol conducted on Monday together with the East Lampung Police Chief Adjunct Comr Taufan Dirgantoro, military rayon command of Way Jepara, Sukadana with his staff in resort Susukan Baru Region I of Way Kanan.

The result, according to him, was not found in forest fires but the patrol team found 35 snares of animals.

“Patrols continue to be conducted with the police and the military assisted by the public to anticipate forest fires,” he added. *** 4 ***

Source: ANTARA News