Fencing Installation To Be Done In Five Public Cemeteries

Jakarta Forestry Department will install fence in five Public Cemeteries (TPU)s this year. Fence is needed to secure the land asset and improve TPU appearance.

Jakarta Forestry Department’s Cemetery Division Head, Siti Hasni said, her side will install fence at Tegal Alur TPU, Karet Bivak TPU, Rorotan TPU, Srengseng Sawah TPU, and Pondok Ranggon TPU.

“We want to improve its aesthetics and make it more comfortable for visitors who want to visit their families’ tombs. This fence is also used to prevent TPU land from being occupied,” she conveyed, Wednesday (1/23).

She explained, Tegal Alur and Karet Bivak TPUs’ fences will be replaced because the existing fences have been damaged. While Rorotan, Srengseng Sawah, and Pondok Ranggon TPUs don’t have fence until now.

“We will combine precast concrete with iron fence or ornamental fence. Its height is about 2-3 meters,” she informed.

Currently, his side is still preparing documents for auction and it is targeted to start the project in April.

“We allocate Rp 12 billion to install fences in those five TPUs,” she explained.

Source: Berita Jakarta