Extension of Manokwari Airport to start in 2019

Manokwari, W Papua, (ANTARA News)- The Transportion Ministry has said extension of the runway of the Rendani airport of Manokwari in West Papua would start in 2019.

Extension of the Manokwari airport is a priority of the government to facilitate transport to the region, West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan said here on Thursday.

Extension of the airport would increase air transport between the provincial city and other cities in the country that would contribute to the process of development in this region, the governor said.

“In line with the coordination we have with the Transportion Ministry, and the Manokwari district administration, work will start next year to extend the runway of the airport,” Dominggus said.

As for the land clearing and the rights of the land owners, the government will follow the procedure, he said.

The government will attend to the interest and the rights of the land owners but the people also should support the project for the greater interest of the region, he said.

He said the people would be relocated to suitable area and the relocation plan is being discussed by the provincial and district administrations.

He said the provincial administration wants the airport could accommodate wide bodied aircraft.

In addition, Manokwari is a capital city of a province, therefore, it deserves a bigger airport.

Source: ANTARA News