Expect 30 million MSMEs to join online marketplaces by 2023: Uno


Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said his ministry is targeting to get 30 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and artisans to enter online marketplaces by 2023.

Speaking at the ‘Proud of Indonesian Products Affirmation Action’ event here on Friday, he revealed that ever since its launch on May 14, 2020, till February 2022, the Proud of Indonesian Products National Movement (Gernas BBI) has encouraged the opening of business opportunities and employment.

“As many as additional 5.5 million MSMEs and artisans have entered marketplaces, with the total number reaching 17.2 million in 2021. This figure is targeted to increase by 57 percent to 30 million MSMEs onboarding in 2023,” he said.

The minister attributed the Gernas BBI’s achievement to the joint movement of various parties, including ministries, agencies, regional governments, state-owned enterprises, marketplace platforms, and top brands.

According to Uno, through the BBI stimulus program from October to December 2021, more than 150 thousand transactions related to the Gernas BBI program were made.

“The transactions resulted in a total value of Rp.36 billion. One of the focuses of Gernas BBI is the assistance of MSMEs for three months, which aims to increase sales and use of technology and digitalization as the main target,” he remarked.

He also pointed out that government procurement of goods and services can contribute to increasing domestic product transactions, which could potentially reach Rp400 trillion in 2022.

The purchase and use of domestic products through the E-Katalog platform and online stores could potentially increase economic growth by 1.7 percent, he added.

“We also conveyed to the President that the role of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in this Affirmation Action program is to encourage and ensure creative actors, creative industries, creative MSMEs join the LKPP E-Katalog as a showcase and marketplace for selling their creative goods and services so that they can be purchased by central and regional government agencies,” he expounded.

Source: Antara News