Epidemiologist highlights importance of booster dose for older adults


Field epidemiologist from Jendral Soedirman University (Unsoed) Dr. Yudhi Wibowo has highlighted the importance of booster vaccinations for older adults to ensure their optimal protection against COVID-19 transmission.

“In accordance with the recommendation from the WHO (World Health Organization), the priority for vaccinations after health workers is older adults and other vulnerable groups,” he noted here on Tuesday.

Wibowo said the government’s policy making booster vaccinations a requirement for people looking to join the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus needs to be appreciated as an effort to increase vaccination coverage.

“Especially vaccination coverage for older adults, pregnant women, children, and also those with comorbidities needs to be a priority in order to protect vulnerable groups from the risk of COVID-19 exposure,” he added.

According to him, the government’s policy is adequate for providing more optimal protection to the community during the Eid exodus period.

“Using booster vaccinations as a requirement for exodus will indirectly encourage people to get the third dose vaccine or booster. This is for the common good because it will be able to provide protection to the community,” he remarked.

Thus, he said he hoped the policy would help increase booster vaccination coverage, which is needed to lower the hospitalization rate and severity of illness.

“In fact, vaccination has been proven to reduce hospitalization rates and prevent severe symptoms. For this reason, the government is expected to make more detailed regulations that can be implemented seriously,” he added.

To accelerate booster vaccinations among older adults, the government also needs to take advantage of the elderly integrated health services post (posyandu) program, he said.

The epidemiologist stressed that massive socialization must also be continued to improve the community’s understanding and awareness, especially among older adults.

Source: Antara News