Enjoy Nature At Cipinang Melayu Agro Educational Tourism

Number of visitors from within and outside of Jakarta, especially students are interested to visit Cipinang Melayu Agro Educational Tourism, Makasar, East Jakarta. It is located on Jalan Manunggal II, RW 06 Cipinang Melayu.

Today, 43 students of PAUD AT Ryas Al-Mujahidin, Jati Cempaka, Bekasi, West Jakarta visit this place to exercise and enjoy this 3-hectare green space.

Cipinang Melayu Urban Village Head, Syahrul Munir conveyed, there are various decorative plants, vegetables, fish, and butterflies collected at Cipinang Melayu Agro Educational Tourism. Those PAUD students visit this place to have educational tour while playing

“Many students at early age visit this place to be introduced about nature. After it is inaugurated, many visitors from outside of East Jakarta and Bekasi come here,” he informed, Thursday (1/17).

He welcomes anyone who want to visit Cipinang Melayu Agro Educational Tourism, especially students who want to have educational tour.

Dina (5), one of PAUD students expressed her happiness to visit this place because she can enjoy many decorative plants, vegetables and butterflies.

“I am happy, because I can play with others in this agro tourism. There are many decorative plants and vegetables. We can also read books in a hut together with my friends,” she said.

Source: Berita Jakarta