Education, health can support HRD: Academician

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Education and health can support development of human resources (HRD) to welcome a demographic bonus in 2030 and golden Indonesia in 2045, University of Indonesia lecturer of the Economics and Business Faculty Abdillah Ahsan stated.

“Human resources can be supported by education and health. Hence, the prevalence of smoking should be lowered,” Ahsan remarked at a meeting held by the Ministry of Health in Jakarta on Monday.

He noted that smoking is one of the major risk factors for non-communicable and catastrophic diseases. Hence, the decline in cigarette consumption is one of the main ways to prevent non-communicable and catastrophic diseases.

The decline in tobacco consumption through the application of a tobacco control policy is the foundation for investment in realizing strong human resources and economy. As an investment, tobacco control requires sacrifice, but the benefits will be greater.

According to Ahsan, 2030 is expected to be the peak year for the demographic bonus when the minimum dependency ratio due to the minimum productive age will reduce.

“We hope to take off in 2030, and in 2045, we will already be flying high and stable. In addition, by 2045, Indonesia will become a high-income country,” he added.

The Ministry of Health held a high-level meeting on Tobacco Tax and Excise.

In addition to Ahsan, the other speaker was Chief of Sub-directorate of Chronic Lung Disease and Immunological Disorders at the Ministry of Health, Theresia Sandra Diah Ratih.

Source: ANTARA News