East Nusa Tenggara targets tourism recovery by holding five festivals

Head of East Nusa Tenggara’s (NTT’s) Tourism and Creative Economy Office Soni Libing highlighted that the provincial government was striving to drive recovery of the tourism sector by holding five festivals in 2022.

“These festivals, scheduled to be held in 2022, have been included in the 2022 Kharisma Event Nusantara launched by the Tourism Ministry,” Libing stated here on Thursday.

The five festivals are the Semana Santa Festival in East Flores District, Dugong Festival in Alor District, Pameto Festival in South Timor Tengah District, Wolobobo Festival in Ngada District, and Parade Kebangsaan (National Parade) Festival in Ende District.

Libing noted that the festivals are part of the NTT government’s strategy to revive the tourism sector battered by the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing tourist visits and boosting the economy by increasing the people’s income.

Libing highlighted the full support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to hold the five festivals, especially in terms of funding.

“These five festivals are deemed unique and represent various types of tourism from the aspects of nature, culture, religion, and nationality,” he stated.

Libing affirmed that his office had started coordinating with the governments of districts that would hold the festivals since religious activities will also be held alongside the Semana Santa Festival in East Flores District.

“We are coordinating with the leaders of religious institutions and the district government as well as all elements in East Flores, so that this festival can run well,” he stated.

In addition, the office continues to coordinate with various elements of the government in the four other districts to make preparations for the festivals in the form of performances, creative economy enterprises, and others.

“We are making maximal preparations for the festivals, so that they can attract tourists to come. Apart from that, of course, we will also continue to conduct promotions,” he asserted.

Source: Antara News

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