East Jakarta to Build Polder at RW 07 Pekayon to Prevent Flood

Starting Monday (1/28), East Jakarta is about to build polder at RT 04/07, Pekayon, Pasar Rebo. Polder is used to handle flood which is often happened when Cipinang River overflowed.

“The fastest is to start it by today thus we can check its progress on next Wednesday,” stated Muhammad Anwar, East Jakarta Mayor, Saturday (1/26).

His side plans to build polder on the 8,900 square meters land owned by East Jakarta Forestry Sub-department.

Acting Pasar Rebo Head (Plt), Panangaran Ritonga conveyed, RW 07 Pekayon is prone to flood because it is a basin area and its location is crossed by the Cipinang River.

“We have prepared 2,000 square meters land to build polder,” he added.

Pasar Rebo Water Resources (SDA) Unit Head, Puryanto is targeting to complete polder construction in two weeks.

“Hopefully there will be no inundation on the location after polder is built,” he mentioned.

Source: Berita Jakarta