E Java receives 1,500 stoves for Semeru evacuees

Internal Affairs

The East Java provincial government has received 1,500 gas stoves for Mount Semeru hot cloud evacuees who will be accommodated in temporary housing soon.

“God’s love is so great. When discussing the facilities for the temporary housing, (the hope of procuring them) was answered at the evening. We are very grateful,” East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa said in Surabaya on Thursday.

According to the governor, the equipment needed for temporary housing included kitchen utensils, and stoves were on that list.

The assistance of gas stoves, which were sent to Lumajang, the district that was heavily impacted by Semeru’s hot cloud eruption, were donated by Sangha Bhikkhuni Theravada Indonesia, she informed.

Parawansa said she has spoken with Lumajang district head Thoriqul Haq and they have decided to store the stoves in a warehouse that will later be turned into temporary housing.

The temporary housing, which is located in Sumbermujur village of Candipuro subdistrict, is scheduled to be completed in one to two months and will be occupied by residents soon, she noted. The governor also informed that one unit of permanent housing will also be built at the site.

The design of the temporary and permanent housing will be of type 60; the former will be built at the back of the lot, with the building measuring 6 x 4 sqm in width, and the latter housing, which will measure 6 x 6 sqm, will be built on the lot’s front, she informed.

The total land that will be used for building the housing spans 81 hectares, she said. It has a capacity for two thousand units of homes and will have common utilities, economic and social rooms such as additional rooms and kitchens, she added.

A representative of Sangha Bhikkhuni Theravada Indonesia, Dyan Juliantine, informed that the assistance was aimed at make cooking tools available for evacuees.

“(We hope) the assistance can ease the Semeru hot cloud impacts on our brothers and sisters,” Juliantine added.

Source: Antara News