E. Jakarta’s PKB BBNKB Tax Revenue Exceeds Target

Revenue from Vehicle Tax and Vehicle-Ownership Transfer Fee Taxes (PKB and BBNKB) in East Jakarta Samsat reached Rp 8.890 billion by the end of this year. As the result, total PKB and BBNKB revenue in East Jakarta exceeded the target.

East Jakarta PKB and BBNKB Unit Head, Iwan Syaefuddin mentioned, PKB and BBNKB service was opened until 9 PM on Monday (12/31). Within a day, his side collected Rp 8,890,366,000.

“We operated until 9 PM on New Year’s Eve. Current tax revenue reaches Rp 8.890 billion,” he informed, Tuesday (1/1).

According to him, total Rp 8.890 billion is collected from PKB tax with Rp 1,735,995,865,761 and BBNKB Rp 1,099,928,263,100. Overall, total tax revenue collected along 2018 is Rp 2,877,232,721,208. It is increased by 104.38 percent from target Rp 2,716,850,000,000.

“There is surplus in 2018 PKB and BBNKB revenue as much as 4.38 percent or equal to Rp 119,074,128,861,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta