E. Jakarta Sudinhub Controls 35,049 Vehicles

In 2018, East Jakarta Transportation Sub-dept. (Sudinhub) has controlled 35,049 vehicles that violated traffic regulation. Such as illegal parking, illegal stopping, and mostly driving against the direction.

“Together with joint personnel, we have controlled 35,049 vehicles along 2018. We control the violators depend on their violations,” stated Slamet Dahlan, East Jakarta Sudinhub’s Monitoring and Controlling Section Head, Wednesday (1/2).

He informed that from total 35,049 vehicles, 10,728 vehicles were ticketed by East Jakarta Sudinhub personnel; 16,461 vehicles were ticketed by police; 1,937 vehicles were stopped for operation; 3,382 vehicles were towed; 462 four-wheeled vehicles were flattened; 2,015 two-wheeled vehicles were flattened; and 64 vehicles were netted.

“We will intensify the socialization in 2019. But we will ensure to give sanction against anyone who has violated based on applicable regulation,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta