Dutch historian conducts research on Indonesian history for five decades

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Harry A. Poeze, a Dutch researcher and historian, has dedicated 50 years of his life to researching and studying Indonesian history, especially on a political figure named Tan Malaka.

“This is because I sympathize with the Indonesian struggle against the Netherlands,” the Dutch historian stated here, Wednesday.

At a dialogue on heroism under the Goes to School Hero program held by the Ministry of Social Affairs under the series of events to commemorate National Heroes Day, Poeze said his research began when he was still a student.

Indonesian National Heroes Day falls on Nov 10.

“Starting 48 years ago, when I was a student and studying at the University of Amsterdam, I was interested in history, especially of Indonesia,” the 71-year-old historian recalled.

One of the aspects of history that drew Poezes attention was Tan Malaka. He was one of the combatants and became a national hero. Poeze said he was impressed by Malakas enigmatic life.

“I think when I began my research, I would be able to explain Tan Malakas history. I succeeded in writing theses and books on Tan Malaka as well as other figures, such as Soekarno,” he noted.

Malaka, or Ibrahim gelar Datuk Sutan Malaka, was born in Nagari Pandam Gadang, Suliki, Lima Puluh Kota, West Sumatra, on June 2, 1897.

He was a figure of the Indonesian Communist Party, also the founder of Murba Party, and was one of the Indonesian National Heroes.

Malaka died in Selopanggung Village, Kediri, East Java, on February 21, 1949, at the age of 51.

Poeze has one of Malakas original letters. The National Museum had invited him to showcase the 100-year-old letter.

Poeze believes that a country should revere its history to be able to build a prosperous and happy society.

Source: ANTARA News