DPD fully leaves alleged bribery case involving its chief to KPK

The Regional Representative Council (DPD) has said will leave the case of alleged corruption involving its chairman to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to resolve.

“Responding to the press conference held by the KPK leadership after it had caught a DPD member red handed, we, the DPD leadership and members, are concerned about the case,” DPD Deputy Chief Farouk Muhammad stated at the parliament building here on Saturday evening.

Farouk noted that the allegation that the DPD chief was involved in a bribery case has nothing to do with the functioning of the DPD.

“The legal action taken by the KPK will not influence the DPD in carrying out its duties and we will continue to perform our obligations institutionally and individually, as expected,” he stressed.

According to Farouk, the DPD leadership and members also called on all parties, particularly the elite, to respect the principle of presumption of innocence and not to link the alleged misdeeds by one DPD member to the role of the DPD.

He also urged against any media trial and urged the media to uphold the due legal process while reporting the case.

KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo had earlier announced that the anti-graft body had named the DPD chief, identified by his initials as IG, and two other people, identified by their initials as XSS and MNI, as suspects in an alleged case of corruption related to sugar import quota for West Sumatra.

Source: Antara News