Domestic travellers raise optimism among tourism destination managers


Managers of tourist destinations rely on domestic tourists’ activity, given the difficulty currently faced in travelling to other countries, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Lestari Moerdijat stated.

“The limited capability of the public, especially for certain (socioeconomic) classes to travel, (caused them to) prefer affordable destinations, and I think this is an extraordinary opportunity for destination managers,” Moerdijat noted in Magelang, Central Java, on Friday.

The MPR deputy chairman made the statement during a seminar of the Tourism Awareness Movement titled “Strengthening Tourism Post-COVID-19” at the Village Economic Center in Karanganyar, Borobudur Sub-district, Magelang District.

Moerdijat pointed out that Borobudur was located in proximity, as it was situated in Java Island, thereby making it a comfortable, budget-friendly, and accessible travel destination.

“Now, how to promote (domestic tourism) and (advertise) ahead of Eid, especially since the government has (allowed everyone) to (partake in the Eid exodus). I am sure there will be a lot of homecomers, and it is just a matter of compelling those who travel to visit Borobudur,” she remarked.

Moerdijat stated that the tourist managers still had time to prepare for it. Borobudur had 20 Village Economic Centers, each having 20 rooms on average. Coupled with 389 homestay rooms in Borobudur, the total came up to about 700 homestay rooms.

If at least 500 to 600 rooms could be utilized for business on long holidays, then it would greatly boost the economy, she stated.

Moerdijat believed that if every tourism business actor worked hand in hand, then the sector would be one of the biggest economic drivers.

In 2022, nature tourism was the trend, as many were averse to vacationing in enclosed spaces, she pointed out. She opined that Borobudur offered what the travelers were looking for, as they also provided open spaces to gather with people.

Borobudur area was an alternative to natural tourism, she remarked. She was confident that the managers would be able to revitalize the tourist destination.

She expected that the improvements would garner public interest, thereby boosting the rate of visitors.

“Borobudur is one of the main destinations that the government expects will be able to offer (a tangible) contribution to the progress of the community’s economy,” she concluded.

Source: Antara News