Do not waste energy for disputes: president

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in a ceremony to commemorate the birth of Pancasila on Friday said

the Indonesian people should not waste their energy for disputes that cause division.

“The spirit of teamwork which is the noble culture of the nation, must continue to be maintained as Indonesias great energy source to achieve social justice for all people,” President Jokowi said in the yard of Pancasila Building at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complex.

??According to the president, the Indonesian nation must continue to maintain unity with the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika amid the wealth of 714 tribes, 1,100 languages and 17 thousand islands.

?? ?The spirit of sharing among the people for prosperity and common progress should also be built with a caring, loving and respectful ethos.

??? He also explained that Indonesia should make a big leap in improving the quality of superior human resources to achieve and win the competition.

???”I am sure that the spirit of achievement is firmly planted in the our athletes to raise red and white flags at the Asian Games and Asian Para-games held this year. Hopefully, the spirit of achievement is also smoldering in all walks of life and across the professions to make Indonesia as a developed country,” he said.

???The head of state attended the commemoration day of Pancasila which was established and expressed by the First President of Indonesia Soekarno in his speech at the Preparatory Investigation Agency for the Preparation of Independence (BPUPK) on June 1, 1945.

???It is stipulated by Presidential Decree Number 24 of 2016 on the Pancasila Day. *** 2 ***

Source: ANTARA News