Diving Training Given to 20 Coastal Janitors

Thousand Islands Environment (LH) Sub-department gives diving training for coastal janitors of Pramuka Island, North Thousand Islands. This training is participated by 20 representatives from 10 inhabited islands.

Thousand Islands LH Sub-department Head, Yusen Hardiman conveyed, diving training is needed to prepare his personnel as underwater garbage collector. Because there is not only floating garbage on the sea, but also underwater garbage. Most of them are plastic garbage that can’t be decomposed and it is potential to damage marine ecosystem and biota.

“They are trained by professional instructors for five days,” he informed, Friday (3/15).

One of the participants named Romi seems enthusiastic to learn diving. He can swim but it is his first time to dive.

“This training is fun, I hope we can clean our sea optimally thus our sea remains clean and beautiful,” he expressed.

Source: Berita Jakarta