Disaster Mitigation will Be more Intensified in Seribu Islands

For the sake of the people safety, disaster mitigation in Seribu Islands will be more intensified to face the upcoming threat of disasters.

” This is a must to minimize victims during natural disasters”

It is focused on physical development, awareness and capacity building.

“This is a must to minimize victims during natural disasters,” expressed Seribu Islands Regent, Husein Murad, Thursday (1/3).

It will be realized by coordinating with related units through training and disaster simulation, as well as preparing the evacuation location.

Related to facilities at resorts, resort management is required to participate in updating wave information.

“It is also hoped that related unit to set up evacuation location for tourist, in the form of dike or siren towers, as well as evacuation sign,” he uttered.

Source: Berita Jakarta