Dharma Jaya Eyes Business on Private Employee Cooperatives

Beef and chicken meat outlets will soon be opened at a number of private cooperative companies in the capital.

“This is a request from 30 cooperatives of the Indonesian Cooperative Center (PKRI) which propose to open outlets,” said PD Dharma Jaya President Director, Johan Romandhon, Tuesday (3/19).

Moreover, there is a market share, which had not been explored in cooperative employees of private companies.

They are opened in early May. His party also plans to provide rendang (beef simmered in coconut milk and spices) plus marinade and spiced chicken.

“Our concept is ready to cook, ready to eat. We ordered the refrigerator,” he exclaimed.

As the initial stage, he will start with 200 kilograms of meat and continued with the check for a week.

“If the demand is high, it will be resupplied to meet the needs,” he told.

In the outlet, half a kilogram of chicken meat is sold at Rp 15,000, spiced chicken meat Rp 20,000, and meat plus rendang spices at Rp 70,000.

Source: Berita Jakarta