Densus 88 arrests suspected terrorist in E Java’s Ngajuk

Nganjuk (ANTARA) – The police’s counterterrorism squad, Densus 88, has arrested a man suspected of being involved in a terror case in Nganjuk district, East Java, on Tuesday night (May 14).

Densus 88 made the arrest after the man has just bought credit for his mobile phone at a cellular phone counter in Tanjung Tani village, Prambon sub-district, Nganjuk district, East Java.

The man identified by his initials as DED, is believed to be a resident of West Bekasi sub-district, Bekasi city, West Java who lived in Nganjuk district in the past few months.

Some of his neighbors said they were shocked with the arrest of the suspected terrorist. They also did not know much about DED and his family.

“He is close-mouthed. But whenever prayer time comes he often says ‘adzan’ (call to prayer) at the mosque close to his residence,” one of his neighbors, Imam Syafii said.

Syafii said DED lives along with his wife at his parent-in-law’s house in Tegaron village, Prambon sub-district, Nganjuk district, East Java

He did not think that the Densus 88 officers arrested him on terrorism charges

DED resisted arrest when the Densus 88 officers tried to detain him. They later arrested him and escorted him to his home.

The Densus 88 officers later searched the house.

Source: ANTARA News