Dana Indonesiana aims to meet needs of cultural players: ministry


The government’s cultural endowment fund, Dana Indonesiana, aims to help accommodate the needs of cultural players or artists in terms of research, according to an official from the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry.

“The fund is utilized in various aspects for the advancement of culture,” secretary of the ministry’s Culture Directorate General, Fitra Arda, remarked during a press briefing here on Tuesday.

Based on research conducted by the ministry, the pandemic has hit cultural activities hard, with at least 65 percent of cultural players losing their jobs and registering a 70-percent decline in their income.

Dana Indonesiana is a fund that is meant to be utilized for supporting culture-related activities. For the long-term, the fund’s utilization is geared at the advancement of culture as a whole.

The fund aims to support cultural organizations, institutions, and spaces; the production and distribution of new works to enhance the expression of diversity; works that could potentially be showcased on the international stage.

“To this end, Dana Indonesiana supports social cohesion through identity strengthening and cultural security,” he said.

The managed cultural endowment has currently reached Rp185 billion. The ministry is encouraging cultural players to take advantage of the fund by submitting proposals and registering with it.

Source: Antara News