Daan Mogot Samsat Office Burned Down

A fire razes a Polri’s Samsat SIM Office, Daan Mogot, Kedaung Kaliangke Urban Village, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, Saturday (8/27).

Section Head of Operational for West Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue Sub-dept, Rompis Romlih said he got fire report at around 9.20 AM. Allegedly, it is due to electricity short-circuit from a panel on fourth floor of the building, Block B.

“Fire burns a goods storage in the size of 4×4 on fourth floor, Block B,” he expressed, Saturday (8/27).

To out out the flames, as many as 11 fire trucks sent to the scene and managed to control it around 40 minutes.

No casualties reported in the incident.

“The loss is around Rp 10 million,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta