Cyber security new challenge for ASEAN: Minister

Coordinating Minister for Politics, Legal and Security affairs Wiranto at the 14th ASEAN Political and Security Council Meeting in Vientiane, Laos said that cyber security is a new challenge for ASEAN member countries.

“Cyber world is very complex and sophisticated, therefore ASEAN should give more attention on this issue and cooperate with other relevant agencies,” the minister said in a written statement received by ANTARA here on Tuesday.

At the event, Wiranto delivered the results obtained from the International Meeting of Counter-Terrorism (IMCT) and the Counter-Terrorism Fin IMCT bancing (CTF) Summit 2016 in Bali on August.

“The meeting also highlighted the importance of expanding and intensifying cooperation in de-radicalization and counter-radicalism as well as finding and addressing the root causes of terrorism,” the minister said.

Like all countries across the world, ASEAN members are not immune to terrorist attacks. Therefore, according to Wiranto, the leaders of ASEAN countries should maximize the implementation of the ASEAN Convention on the Counter-Terrorism (ACCT).

The ministers of the 10 ASEAN members build the spirit of togetherness and unity in order to strengthen ASEAN cooperation in addressing security challenges in the region.

Various tough challenges such as terror attacks, kidnapping and hostage-taking in the waters of Sulu, smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal fishing, are believed to be addressed through a strong spirit of cooperation among ASEAN countries.

The success of ASEAN communities in managing peace and security issues are increasingly complex and it will determine the future of ASEAN.

“A variety of security issues that challenge us should be addressed well. Now its time for all of us to translate the common vision into reality,” the minister said.

Source: Antara News