COVID-19: UK variant detected in West Java’s Karawang

Bandung West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil said a new coronavirus variant, B.1.1.7, which is more contagious and than when it originally appeared in England, has been detected in Karawang District of West Java Province.

“The new variant of coronavirus has been detected in Karawang. Therefore, we have carried out case tracing,” Kamil informed after attending the Anhui Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Test at the Teaching Hospital of Padjadjaran University (RSHS) here on Wednesday.

The governor asked the university to conduct research on the new variant of the coronavirus.

“With the new cases of this variant of the virus (emerging), what can we do? Do we need to apply the same health protocols as the protocols against COVID-19? We have asked that research on this be carried out as soon as possible,” he said.

He also urged West Java residents to remain calm and not panic. He said the government has taken precautionary measures as the task force had predicted the virus would mutate.

“So we are continuing to try to increase anticipatory steps,” he affirmed.

Earlier, the Health Ministry had reported two cases of the UK variant B.1.1.7 had been detected in Indonesia.

“Last night, I received information that in one year since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we have detected the new coronavirus B.1.1.7 in Indonesia,” said deputy health minister Dante Saksono. (INE)

Source: Antara News