Coordination, communication key for smooth Eid exodus: MPR

Internal Affairs

Several policies will determine the smooth running of the 2022 Eid al-Fitr exodus, especially coordination and communication between implementing agencies and the community, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Speaker Lestari Moerdijat has said.

“Some people followed the government’s recommendation and departed earlier. Officers who are tasked to supervise the smooth running of the exodus must coordinate well,” she stressed in a written statement issued here on Monday.

Moerdijat noted that several policies must be realized according to plan, such as the implementation of the odd-even traffic rule and the one-way traffic plan, free transportation from private and government institutions, the readiness of vehicles for homecomers, and the readiness of supporting infrastructure for the exodus.

According to her, the readiness of officers in the field to implement the strategies for the exodus flow must continue to be improved until the end of the homecoming period.

She also highlighted that people’s compliance with the policies is very necessary.

The MPR Deputy Speaker stressed that the community’s preparedness is paramount for the smooth flow of the Eid homecoming exodus.

Efforts to socialize a number of strategies that will be implemented must also be effective so that the community can support and follow the regulations that have been set maximally.

“The challenges in the form of policy socialization that can be easily understood by the public and good coordination between implementers in the field must be responded with the persistence of the officers in overseeing the course of every policy for the homecoming this year,” she remarked.

She expressed the hope that the implementation of the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus will run smoothly as planned so that it can have a positive impact on all Indonesian people.

Source: Antara News